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Without people,
there is no

The Lam Lab always puts people at the heart of everything we do

This is why our science is people-led; we respect each other, embrace diversity, strive for growth, and actively engage with the community

Group Ethos


1. Ambitious and Conscientious

The Lam Lab aspires to be a dynamic research group, tackling ambitious challenges in Organic Chemistry.


We value growth—scientific, intellectual, intra/interpersonal etc.—and aspire to be a better version of ourselves over time. Our science is never "zero-sum"—we believe that everyone can be winners by working with each other, and understand that we are always part of a bigger picture.

2. Challenge and Respect

The Lam Lab believes that science is a social endeavor, led by and driven by people.


We believe in strength in diversity, and understand the power that comes from representation. We also understand the isolation a lack of belonging can feel. That is why we aim to cultivate an environment where people can be their true selves, have equitable access to opportunities, treated with dignity and respect.


To grow we must challenge and be challenged. We welcome these opportunities, but will always listen, respect and treat each other with dignity.

3. Driven and Fun!

Life is too short not to have fun!

Yes we are driven. Yes we are prepared to roll our sleeves up to achieve our vision, but that doesn't mean anything we don't enjoy the journey getting there!​

Mentorship Philosophy


Being a scientist is one out of countless ways to make an impact on the world around us.


A key focus with the Lam Lab is arming people with the skills and opportunities to get to wherever they aspire to go. (Nelson) believes that all elements chemical research (tackling challenging problems as a team, critical thinking, effective communication etc.) are invaluable skills required to succeed wherever you choose to go.



The Lam Lab values Science Outreach as a social cause.

We see this as a way to give back to the community, to broaden participation, and to break barriers and engage with groups that, otherwise, may not have access to opportunities you and I may take for granted. The Lam Lab actively encourage lab members to engage with the wider community, and aims to have a lab-wide Science Outreach day every year. 

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